Running Practice
“Running Practice” is Mindful Endurance Program’s exploration of running through changing our awareness and approach to movement. How can running be a practice of living rather than a pace to hit or suffering to overcome. Our practice uses running as the medium to explore our mind-body connection, integrating different Taoist philosophies with breathwork and meditation to bring more intention to the experience itself.
The capsule collection by MEP for RunAsYouAre has its foundation in Yin and Yang, as with everything in life. The Yang is represented by the performance pieces, made for running, for speed, for movement. The Yin is found in the soft goods, cottons, made for stillness, for quiet and listening. The graphics across the range speak to the practice of running, the integration of the Yin and Yang and the coming together in groups to have a shared experience of movement. All of the garments are by Reigning Champ and our customized meditation bench is made by Walden.
Ryan Willms
Ryan Willms is a holistic life coach and creative director working at the intersection of spiritual development and endurance sport. After a career in fashion and menswear, he has now spent the last eight years diving deep into the essence of well-being and how this permeates our lives in a meaningful way through movement, awareness and connection.
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